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"Let us take the mystery out of Arc Flash Analysis and compliance.  We have been designing reliable electrical systems for decades with safety in mind, prior to any arc flash standards."

The services we can provide are:

  • System one-line and data collection.
  • Interface with the local utility for short circuit information and protective coordination.
  • Equipment Data Collection.  On-Site or via custom forms we provide.
  • System study and device coordination.
  • Development of optimum device settings to minimize arc-flash.
  • Development of solutions to mitigate arc-flash hazards.
  • Written​ Operating Procedures and guidelines for proper arc-flash PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Custom Labeling for equipment.
  • System training based on our analysis.

We can also help with specification of arc-resistant switchgear and equipment or specify relay and detection upgrades to retrofit existing equipment.